Service Excellence -Singapore Style

There is certainly no lack of effort to promote Service Excellence in Singapore. SPRING SINGAPORE provides Singapore Service Class grants to companies that seeks to pursue such improvements dedicately. There are however some serious cultural impediments to service excellence in Singapore:

  1. The Wealth Divide in business organisations with senior management generally earning incomes tens of times larger than the average of the workforce often creates resentment and a feeling of “why do I want to work so hard?”. For many workers the promise that they will also enjoy such privileges through working hard is no longer credible… especially where it may be clearly perceived that these high income earners are seldom people who rose from the ranks and are often foreign talents.
  2. The Singapore organisations that provide services to the masses, like the telcos, bus companies, power companies, even banks operate through licenses granted by relevant authorities. Many of them recognise that their ability to increase the price of services depends more or getting approvals from these authorities than on build strong consumer franchise.
  3. Singaporeans especially the masses grumble a lot but do not beleive in making official complaints. They have generally been brought up believing that they have little recourse and that feedbacks are a waster of their time.

We therefore hope that enough Singaporeans will step forward to grumble and tell theri stories on this site.

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